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Create aged appeal with Antique Distressing. Effects like chiseling, dents, worm holes, rasping, worn corners and edges are randomly applied to the cabinetry and will vary in size and shape. Each effect is hand applied on cabinet surfaces where common wear and tear occurs to give an authentic well-worn appearance.

Distressing with a more delicate touch, Timeworn gives you only gentle sand through and worn corners that are toned for a subtle wear.

Heirloom distressed cabinetry looks as if it has withstood the test of time. Building upon Antique Distressing techniques, here worn corners and edges are sanded through and given a toned treatment for a warmer aged look.

Make a statement with Ruby distressing. This multi-layer finish is created with Heirloom distressing techniques, with one difference. Here the sand through edges and corners are toned with a Ruby red color. Against the black opaque base color, the red contrast adds richness and drama.