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Question 5. Is there anything I should know about specialty finishes like paints or glazes?

Yes, specialty finishes have their own characteristics.

Painted finishes are uniquely different from stain finishes. Changes in climate conditions cause wood products to expand and contract. Wood’s expansion and contraction will result in finish breaks and/or seam lines at panel, stile, and rail joints. This is a simple fact of life with painted cabinets and therefore is not considered a defect.

All glazing techniques are hand-applied and may have variations in appearance due to different levels of glaze build-up and coverage. This is natural with hand-application and is not a factory defect. Distressing – the beauty of distressed furniture is its individuality.

All distressing techniques are hand-applied and are considered to be random and unique. No two components will be alike. The distressing characteristics present on my cabinetry may be different from those present on an individual door sample. Additionally all components may not receive the same amount of distressing characteristics.